Where to Dine on the Plymouth WaterFront- CabbyShack Restaurant & Pub

The CabbyShack, on historic Plymouth harbor, is the spot for gorgeous views, tons of seats topunder the sun, live music all season long, and seafood so fresh it practically jumps straight from the ocean to the kitchen. The basic boiled lobster weighs in at about a pound and a quarter. But those in the know ask for the super-sized three-and-a-half pound Big Man’s Lobster. Equally eye-popping is the ‘Big Shack’ Roll. It’s the biggest lobster roll in town, overflowing from a grilled buttered roll. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the CabbyShack sells thousands of them a week. It’s the perfect summer meal, for the perfect summer day. The CabbyShack’s menu is loaded with fun summer foods like hand battered onion rings, colossal shrimp cocktail, golden fried clams, and — believe it or not — some of the best bar pizzas on the South Shore. But the dish they’re most famous for is their award winning clam chowder, served in a fresh baked bread bowl. Rich chowder, big lobster rolls, and fun all summer long, keeps everybody coming back, to the CabbyShack.

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Here is the Swampie buzz of the Cabby Shack  Plymouth

My family went  to cabby shack in Plymouth. This is long. The short story is we would go back, just not for oysters.  We went with my toddler, husband, his sister, and some extended family they hadn’t met before, north coast people.
It was a pats game day so they sat us the opposite side of the place. No big deal but I have noticed a lot of places try to put my kid and I far far away from everyone else.12509786_10103687076655723_3119104194620674985_n
We had a whole variety of food preferences and their menu had plenty of options. My immediate family is from Denver, so my sister in law and I decided to try oysters. But we were afraid to commit to the half dozen so we asked the server to bring us two and then when they weren’t awful, we asked her to make the order in to a half dozen. She was really nice and helpful, and it turned out she had never had an oyster either which was funny.
She couldn’t tell us if they added salt or if that was just the sea salt flavor coming through, so then she had to go back to the kitchen to find out. Turns out that is simply the sea flavor. Out of the three I ate one of them almost tasted like it had sand in it which I know from watching Alton Brown means it wasn’t cleaned very well.
Ultimately, some of us ordered burgers and some of us ordered seafood and everyone seemed pretty happy. We took a picture with the giant lobster and follow some directions to get my kiddo his free meal, which was cool.
Oh and they were doing some sort of spin the wheel thing probably because of the game, and my ticket was pulled and I won a bag of swag! I never knew how badly I needed a poncho and bottle opener sombrero for my bottles of beer.

cabbyshack2Went to Cabby Shack in Plymouth yesterday. Hubby and I both got a cup of clam chowder, I had the lobster roll, and he had the Cape Cod reuben. Chowda was thick, but delicious, with quite a few big chunks of clam (bonus for me!). Lobster roll had a decent amount of mayo, though not too much. Cape Cod Reuben was huge. Pleasant and prompt service (I know that has been a complaint in the past). All in all a good experience.

Cabby Shack tonight…haven’t been since last summer. Sat on the lower patio outside, right next to the entertainment (The Honey Bears, very good). The atmosphere is so great, the food was good (not great, unfortunately) and (even more unfortunately) the service was bad.
Something has changed with the food since I was there last. I had the bisque. There was only one tiny piece of lobster claw in it and it was the consistency of soft mashed potatoes. The kids liked the pizza. The fried fish had a nice crust but not a lot of flavor.
We asked three times for silverware and finally had to get up ourselves and seek out our server. Another employee who apparently could not obtain forks, had dropped off our meals and we had been sitting for quite some time unable to eat!

Clam Chowder non better… Shrimp was overpriced for portion size.. The new fries not good… Clean friendly.. I’ll definitely be back..

I was looking for crab cakes. When reading the menu I was disappointed there was none except on the dinner menu. I asked the bartender if perhaps I could get 1 plain crab cake and a salad. He checked with the chef and soon I had the best crab cake I’ve found so far. And the salad was awesome. While waiting for my meal a Veteran came in with his wife thinking the special for vets was that day too. It wasn’t. The waitress very nicely said let me talk to someone I’ll be right back. A gentleman came out and said I’m sorry for the confusion but it was for Veterans Day only but since you came today I will honor you and thank you for your service. Have a seat and we will do it. I was so honored to see such action. I would go to Cabby Shack on a regular basis if I lived close enough. Excellent food and excellent attitude!

CabbyShack  Restaurant & Pub

30 Town Wharf
Plymouth, MA