Where to Dine on the Plymouth WaterFront -Anna’s Harborside Grille

Anna’s Harborside Grille is Authentic Greek Cuisine and Contemporary American Fare in the Heart of Plymouth’s Historic Waterfront! It is a Swampie Favorite!! Where to Dine on the Plymouth WaterFront -Anna's Harborside Grille

Perhaps it’s the smell of fresh herbs and spices being used for tonight’s special or the intimate setting where patrons are engaged in conversation while enjoying one of Anna’s signature martini drinks. High cathedral ceilings give way to an exposed kitchen where customers watch with curiosity as dinner is being prepared. The outside patio (heated and tented if needed )  is immersed with summer and there are ocean views as far as the eyes can see. However, at its core, Anna’s is more than just dining. In fact, it is an opportunity to slow down from the fast pace of life and take time to fully enjoy homemade authentic Greek Cuisine and contemporary American fare with family and friends… very similar to how Anna herself hosted dinner at her own home. We hope to see you soon!

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Here is the Swampie buzz of the Anna’s Harborside Grille   in  Plymouth

Roast beef with bacon and all the trimmings at Anna’s Harborside restaurant on the Where to Dine on the Plymouth WaterFront -Anna's Harborside GrillePlymouth waterfront! DH’s finished half and has the rest for supper. I had fabulous grilled lamb kabobs on pita wrap, not your ordinary wrap but one garnished with lettuce, tomato and onion and a healthy slab of tasty sauce. Not really versed in Greek food terminology but who cares when the food is delicious. And, you have to break the Italian mold occasion. Anna’s has the freshest food, great service!

We dined at Anna’s Harborside in Plymouth tonight. It was very good. We shared calamari as an app. Two of us had the chicken santorini and one of us had the flat iron steak with mashed. We split two yummy desserts – a bread and butter cake and a strawberry shortcake. I would highly recommend!

A visit to Anna’s Harborside is always pleasant, from the greeting at the door to that last bit of food you taste before asking for a doggie bag. My guess is the owner has a lot to do with it. He greeted me tonight and even though my dining guest, granddaughter Olivia, had not arrived, immediately led me to a table. Olivia arrived moments later as the waitress, Lauren, filled the water glasses. And the feast began. Bread and dipping oil, nicely flavored with red pepper flakes. An appetizer of mussels in a tomato based sauce to share. The mussels were quite large and tasty, though I prefer the smaller variety. And, the plentiful slices of summer squash and zucchini that were in the sauce provided a nice touch. Of course, bread for soaking up that sauce. After a self-imposed meat draught, I craved a steak. The flat iron was my choice served with some oddly cut but wonderfully flavored carrots. I opted for a salad instead of potato. Olivia selected haddock with the afore mentioned carrots and mashed potato. Of course, we both had leftovers boxed and ready for tomorrow. During dinner, the owner stopped by our table and the others to check on the guests. Olivia said she enjoys going to Anna’s because of the attention the owner gives to the business. Of course, the food ranks right up there,


Family birthday dinner at Anna’s Harborside in Plymouth tonight, and a somewhat mixed review. (Sorry for no pics, but the family would have had too many “What are you doing?” comments.) I’ve been really looking forward to trying here, and I had a very uneven experience.
The Positives:
1.) The waitress did well with giving a large party enough time to talk, look over the menu, pace the apps and the meal.
2.) The apps we ordered, the hummus plate and bruschetta were AMAZING. I could have eaten the hummus with a spoon, it was that good!
3.) The kitchen was more than accommodating making a special dish for a picky nephew who also has new braces on his teeth and a sore mouth…poor kid.
4.) My husband’s lamb was good from the bite I had, although not the medium he requested but more of a medium well.
5.) Portion sizes were more than generous.
6.) The homemade potato chips were so good!
The “Meh”:
1.) It was so hot and dry in there due to the small size and general proximity to the kitchen. I wished the water refills were more abundant.
2.) We were allowed to bring in a cake, but were short 1 plate for dessert. I passed on dessert, so it wasn’t a big deal, but even my sister-in-law commented that it was good I passed, otherwise it would have gotten awkward.

What a delicious lunch at Anna’s Harborside Grille today! Nice selection of beers, many choices of wine by the glass, fresh side salads (anchovies with the Caesar, lots of olives with the Greek), BBQ pulled pork sandwich with bacon was devoured, and grilled portobello sandwich with roasted red peppers was amazing! Great service too. My third visit to Anna’s, each as good, if not better, than the last.

Went to Anna’s Harborside for lunch in Plymouth today. We started with clam chowder, this anna'swas very good, quite a bit of clams lounging in the bowl (yummy) and grape leaves (was told this was very good, but he still likes it the way he grew up with tomato sauce. I got the burger great size! I started it with a few bites with the bun, but getting too full so I finished it without frown emoticon it was tasty, the fries were enormous and hot and perfectly seasoned. The lamb kabobs was an entree seen in this picture they looked and tasted amazing… good choice

Anna’s Harborside Grille

145 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360 | (508) 591-7372
Open Daily 11:30 AM – 1:00 AM