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Wareham Oyster Festival 2016

The 3rd  annual Wareham Oyster Festival will be held on Sunday, May 1, 2016 – 11:00am to 5:00pm  in  Downtown Wareham  on  Main Street.

Wareham Oyster Festival 2016

Wareham’s waters are an extraordinary resource for some of the world’s best oysters… and a best-kept secret! And our restaurants include some of the best in the region.

Join us as we celebrate our briny bivalve… and more! More than a dozen carefully selected crafters and artisans, music, and all kinds of food. Enjoy oysters from Wareham as well as the Cape, Cuttyhunk, and Rhode Island, and the music of the Southcoast Jazz Orchestra and others.


PARKING: Before 1 p.m., find parking on Merchants Way, next to the Fire Station, off Main Street at Besse Park, or other locations nearby. AFTER 1 P.M., park at Wareham Town Hall (54 Marion Road, Route 6) and take our FREE shuttle to the festival.

RESTROOMS are located across the street from the Fire Station and at the old train depot on Merchants Way. There are wheelchair accessible units at both locations.

OYSTERS are from Indian Cove Aquaculture in Wareham, Cuttyhunk Shellfish, Big Rock Oyster in Dennis, and Matunuck in Rhode Island. Also available are lobster rolls, other shellfish, fried oysters at Mumma Marys Italian Cafe, and a variety of snacks.

BEER AND WINE is available in the food court area at Pezzoli Square. Make sure to bring ID if you appear to be under 40. Alcohol may not be removed from the food court area.

ATMs are located at Eastern Bank, Santander, and TD Bank, all within the festival area.

VENDORS: We have 50 of ’em!

WEATHER: This is a rain-or-shine event, but it appears that the rain will hold off until the very end of the day. Be prepared for temperatures in the low 50s and bear in mind that it’s always breezy on our waterfront.

INFORMATION is available at the Wareham Village Association tent in the food court.

Real Food at Lindseys Family Restaurant in East Wareham MA

Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in East Wareham has been around for 67 years.  They also hosted Swamp Mob number 4 back in August so they are pretty well know to the Swampie community.  They were recently featured in the Boston Globe.

Real Food at Lindseys Family Restaurant in East Wareham MA

For 67 years there have been Lindseys in the kitchen at Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in East Wareham. Today Cheryl Lindsey, whose late husband, Paul, was the son of the original owners, carries on the family tradition; she says her daughter, Debbi, is studying hospitality and plans to join the family restaurant in the future.Many employees are part of the extended family, and the average tenure exceeds 15 years, Lindsey said. Chef Arthur Elgar, who is credited with helping to develop the restaurant’s signature seafood bisque, has worked at Lindsey’s for 37 years.
The restaurant’s focus continues to be on “real food,” highlighting what’s seasonal in New England, from Cape scallops to local cranberries, and making most everything from scratch, Lindsey said. “When you see so much about preservatives and medical problems, you realize this kind of food is very special.” Even the children’s menu offers scaled-down versions of adult entrees, “not chicken nuggets,” she said.

Here is some of the buzz on Lindsey Family Restaurant  on the Hockomock Swamp Supper club

As a rule, I avoid restaurants that have “family” in their name – this is often a euphemism for “no liquor license” and “pancakes for dinner”. Today we went to the petri dish that is Water Wizz and needed some vittles after. Originally I wanted to go to Ella’s – but the kids outnumbered the adults 6-4, so we had to dial it back. I went to search for a place around there and saw that the next Swamp Mob was at Lindsey’s so I took a look at the menu and read a few reviews. I was still a bit sceptical, but then I really thought about it; if we can reopen our embassy in Cuba, then I can at least try to eat at a family restaurant.
The review: First off all, they should rename it from “Lindsey’s Family Restaurant” to “Lindsey’s Pissa Restaurant” to avoid confusion. The food was excellent & everyone was pleased. When was the last time 4 adults and 6 kids were all content? I can’t remember. The bisque really is that good. $6 martini? You can’t buy a bottle of water at Fenway for $6. All four lobster rolls were perfect (four of us ordered them – I didn’t eat four (this time)).
Maybe this is just all the biological agents that I swallowed going down the Pirate’s Plunge talkin’ – or that $6 martini, but I’m smitten.

On Monday night we went to Lindsey’s restaurant in Wareham. We have been wanting to try it Lindseyfoodfor a long time. The reason we went on Monday night is because they have Bingo at the bar . Why not eat yummy food while playing a game; twice the fun! Of course we started with the Lindsey’s World famous seafood bisque. The best we have ever tasted! With scallops shrimp and lobster chunks, and a sherry wine flavor, it was absolutely delicious. My husband ordered a Cape Cod Reuben with broiled cod, and I had the traditional lobster roll. We ordered green beans and pickled beets for a side, which we shared, instead of having french fries, trying to be good.

Even  Head Swampie Rick has been here-Worth the trip!

We met my parents ,   my sister Leslie and my niece Brianna  for an early Sunday Dinner at Lindsey’s in Wareham. Since Wareham is a good half way point  between Raynham and Yarmouthport  a perfect spot to meet.   Perfect in more ways than one. Tomorrow June 1st
is my parents 57th Wedding Anniversary.  I started with their famous Seafood Bisque.
Absolutely unfrickingbelievable. Full, I mean chock full of the good stuff.  Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops  in a Bisque that is fluffy and velvety.   Worth the trip in itself!  I then had 2 appetizers for my dinner.  The Crab Cake served with the Seafood Bisque.  Delectable. Lindseyfood2
Crabmeat in the form of a pillow,   Worth the trip in itself!
Also,  Clamcakes.  Real Clamcakes.   Great balls from the fryer!The standard which all Clamcakes aspire.   Worth a trip in itself!
Joe and my father had London Broil.  It looked beautiful.  Served with old Jews, I mean Au Jus.
My parents were the old Jews.   Worth a trip in itself!
My mother and sister each had the Lobster Casserole. They swear there was all parts
of a whole lobster in each casserole.  Plenty of Buttery Ritz Cracker Stuffing.  Worth a trip in itself!

My niece had a Vegetable Stir Fry   with Chicken served over Rice.  It looked gorgeous.
She ate a quarter of it which was a lot for her.   Worth a trip in itself!
Our young server Alex handled us deftly.  She really was excellent.   Rolls and drink refills before we asked.   It isn’t often the Pessins are complaint free which is the best review you can get.

Specials and Events

Monday nights they bingo at 6pm in the bar and high top tables!!

SUNSET SPECIALS Proudly Served Monday through Thursday 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Must be seated by 5:00 p.m.)  Three Course Meal for $14.99

Join us EVERY THURSDAY from now until St. Patricks Day, Thursday, March 17th.. we are bringing you Corned Beef & Cabbage! All day. Prefectly prepared, red bliss potaots, baby carrots, perfectly seasoned corned beef.. for you!

MONDAY : 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
TUESDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
WEDNESDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
THURSDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
FRIDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
SATURDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
SUNDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

3138 Cranberry Highway, Rt 6 & 28, East Wareham, MA 02538

Casa Cancún in Wareham Swamp Mob 7

SWAMP MOB BUENA SUERTE #7 will be held at Casa Cancún in Wareham on Sunday January 3rd  at 6pm . It will be Swamp Mob Mexican style!!   Casa Cancun opened up this past year in at the Wareham Crossing  shopping area and is the sister restaurant of popular Mexican Restaurant Cancun Kingston.12314624_1023004947758547_392856451426443134_o
What is a Swamp Mob?

.A Swamp mob is a pre arranged dinner that Swampie mob the restaurant kind of like a cash mob.   Swampie have been hitting local restaurants to share in good food and conversations.  Calories never count at a Swamp Mob and who starts their New year diet before the first Monday of January.

RSVP to Sabrina at Emeraldvisionenterprises@gmail.com (not the email in the poster)  A prepaid option will  be available later today,   but RSVP your intention.


Here is some of the Buzz on Hockomock Swamp Supper Club facebook group

Went to Casa Cancun tonight in Wateham! Great food, nice people, wonderful service. We had $9.99 Wednesday fajitas. One with shrimp and one with chicken. Also, a El Presidente Margarita. So good

Went to casa cancun in west wareham. Chips n salsa were ok (I prefer chili’s lol) ordered combo platters with chimichangas…burittos…and something else. Husband wanted fish taco but they couldnt do it bc they make them in sets of 3..he was disappointed but moved on. Daughter got a burger which was sad to look at lol. They charged for sour cream and guacamole without telling us there was a charge. Food was fine. Husband left sweating so I guess his was spicy lol

Tonight we had to run some errands and decided to try “the New Mexican place.” Casa Cancun in Wareham. This after several months of starting off to eat there and changing our minds on the way. I’m bummed we waited. Everything was good and fresh. The hostess and our waitress were equal parts kind and sweet as well as understanding when the littler man decided it was time to go. We both got combo plates. I had a chicken chimichanga and a chili reilleno (sp) and the big guy had a burrito, enchilada, and a chili as well. The food was well seasoned and the retried beans were great. I usually beans and these were excellent. We also had some guacamole to start which was delicious. The complimentary salsa was a bit spicy, but good. The munchkin demanded that the refried beans be his first food which is why we left fairly fast. With a tip dinner was $45 which is amazing considering the boat of guac and the huge portions. We will be back. (Be prepared!)

Located in Wareham Crossing Shopping Center

Casa Cancun Family Mexican Restaurant
Wareham Location
2421 Cranberry Highway
Suite 426
Wareham, MA