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Fisher’s Pub in Middleboro Now Open

Dave Fisher has openned up his 3rd restaurant in Middlboro  Fisher’s Pub. Dave is also the owner of Swampie favorites  Harry’s Bar and Grill  and Dave’s Dinner, 

The  South Middleboro location  most recently known as the 360 Sports Pub before Fisher purchased the spacein earl y 2016.  The location had been empty for a wee

“The Menu at Fisher’s Pub will be very similar to Harry’s – chicken wings, roast beef sandwiches, fried clams, steak tips, burgers.

Here is some Swampie buzz on  Harry’s

Our small family visited Harry’s tonight for the first time. Our party had all the ingredients for a bad experience where ever we went: 2 adults who refused to cook but were too hungry to decide on a place, and an over tired 2 year old with an appetite for destruction when shes hungry. After passing by many times we decided to stop in tonight. We began to have the natural anxious thoughts that anyone has when trying a new restaurant for the first time, “I hope this is worth the wait”. It definitley is. The food hit the spot, the pricing is a plus, but the service was exceptional. Our server was quick to great us and get our drinks. Although she was serving other tables, she was very attentive to ours as well. Any other staff that visited our table were friendly as well. Everything was fast and efficient in this place like a well oiled machine. The obvious goal with a dining area that size is to flip tables as fast as possible, but we never felt rushed or pressured, we felt welcomed. That is a rare accomplishment for any restaurant. We can’t wait to come back and sit on the flight deck!

They make the best drinks – try the Salty Caramel Martini! So convenient we get take out at least 3 or 4 times a month. Favorites are the Caesar Salad with Broiled Scallops, Baked Haddock, Rack of Ribs…….one of the specials – Scallops with feta cheese, black olives, artichoke hearts and mashed potatoes is to die for. We lived in Middleboro 9 years before even going there – got a lot of making up to do!!!

Harry’s Bar and Grille has the best ribs and chicken wings in town! The prices are affordable, they do great specials and the waitstaff is amazing! Friendly, sociable atmosphere, great bar for a quick drink!