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Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA

Nellie Rose is a new breakfast and breakfast and lunch  place that has opened in mid December  up on Route 18 in Whitman where Andy’s seafood has been.

Here is the buzz from the Hockomock Swamp Supper club community-mostly postive and there are some growing pains

Went to Nellie Rose in Whitman for brunch the other day, because who doesn’t want to try Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shore out the new breakfast place in town?  I ordered Nellie’s favorite breakfast. This includes 2 eggs, home fries or hash browns, and toast along with their homemade corned beef hash ($7.99). I am sort of obsessed with good corned beef hash, so I had to try it. I was not disappointed! Amazing, and definitely not from a can! The prices on most menu items are decent, portions are good, and the order came up pretty quick. Service was nice, Heather took great care of me.
After paying the bill, I decided to take a bowl of clam chowder home with me for my hubby, and ordered it to go. It was close to closing time, and they had run out, so they told me it would be a few minutes. I was bummed to find out it wasn’t made in house, but from frozen in a bag. And for the price ($5.99) I got about 6.5oz of soup, which was very disappointing as well.  Overall, a great place to grab breakfast or lunch, but maybe skip the soup

Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shore  Finally tried out Nellie Rose breakfast today on Rt. 18 in Whitman. It deserves the rave reviews it has received. Friendly wait staff, great food and reasonable prices. Ain’t nothing fancy but it sure was satisfying. The pictures don’t do the meal justice. I had to take them quickly ‘cuz my friend saw my camera and said, ” Are you going to Swampie the meal ?”
And a new phrase was born.

My wife and I went out to do our food shopping this morning and wanted to try the newest breakfast spot in Whitman, The Nellie Rose Restaurant. We walked in and immediately felt at home with the decor and friendly staff. We were sat immediately and greeted with a small Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shorebowl of assorted fresh breakfast breads (the pistachio bread is out of this world!). They offer standard breakfast fare (eggs, pancakes, waffles) but everything is homemade and scratch made. We asked our waitress about the house made bagels (yep, that’s a thing here) and she told us to make sure we microwave them because they don’t use preservatives so they are a little hard. What great service! My wife ordered the Eggs Benedict (which is her go to breakfast dish) and I went with the meat lovers omelet (bacon, sausage, ham, linguica and chourico…OH MY). The omelet was packed with meat and cheese and the perfect hearty meal to start my deal. We both ordered our shredded hash browns well done and we were not disappointed at all! My wife loved her Eggs Benedict and we grabbed a pair of Asiago cheese bagels to go for tomorrows breakfast. We will definitely be back and would highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area

My mom and I went to Nellie Rose this morning in Whitman.We were greeted by a friendly staff.  Our waitress was Tiffany. She was pleasant and sweet. She brought us a small bowl of donuts/cookies/muffin pieces. I LOVED that idea!! An appetizer for breakfast!!!! There is an impressive case of goodies to go also!  I opted for the cheese omelette with home fries and toast.  Okay, before I continue, I have to say that when I seen the toast, I was overjoyed! Why? Because I go to Reids in Brockton and they have the best toast, east of the Mississippi! I know what you all are thinking: “toast is toast!”  Um. NO!! I can’t explain it but it’s big and soft and toasty!  Okay, so getting to the omelette: I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with it. The reason? It was very dry. Almost overdone, if you will.The home fries had a wonderful texture, BUT the seasonings they use in them ruins them.Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA

The manager asked how everything was and my mom told her about the home fries and she graciously offered my mom to try the hash brown. mom LOVED it! I didn’t try it but it looked incredible. Perfectly done and not a bit of grease on the plate.  In all fairness, I was feeling ill before I arrived so my taste may have been off. I will try it again though. I usually have a policy that I will not try a place that is newly opened for at least six months but kind of broke that.  The decor and service are wonderful! I’ve enclosed a picture of the chairs that someone else had talked about earlier.

 Nellie Rose Restaurant
557 Bedford St, Whitman, MA 02382

Saturday & Sunday  5:30 AM – 1:00 PM  Monday-Friday 5:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Jolly Bean Cafe in Plymouth MA 1st year anniversary

Congratulations to Jolly Bean Cafe in Plymouth for their 1 year annivesary!   This cafe has become a go to place for Swampies for breakfast and lunch in the Plymouth area for a quick bite to eat.  Come in for coffee, lattes, muffins, sandwiches and soup!

Here is the buzz

Had breakfast at the Jolly Bean Cafe on Camelot Drive, Plymouth. For me, only a bagel and cream cheese with coffee (very good for a very occasional coffee drinker). It was a last minute and welcome chance to catch up with (granddaughter) Olivia who had bacon and egg on a spinach bagel. A really nice place with some interesting and healthy choices, including some good soups and sandwiches. Definitely a return visit is in order.

My mother and I had lunch at jolly bean cafein plymouth it’s on Camelot drive. A real hidden jem! I had a roast beef sandwich that was on the best ciabatta bread i’ve ever had! she had a meatball sub that was very good. We split a rocky road brownie that was excellent! The decor is cute the place is very clean and the two girls working there I think are the owners and are genuinely kind and interactive with customers. Try it you won’t be disappointed


The Jolly Bean Cafe on Camelot Drive in Plymouth is a little hidden treasure! I went today after reading a review (of length…gasp!) and it had me wanting to try it.
I was with my mom and my 5 year old. First it was so clean and adorable in there! A nice long counter with chairs face outside with tables along the other side. In the back is an Adorable nook with a leather couch and table. Perfect for coffee and a paper with a muffin!
We opted for lunch but they do offer breakfast even during lunch hours.
I had the turkey chili with black beans. It was super delicious and full of beans and great tasting ground turkey.
My daughter had the grilled cheese which was gooey in the middle and grilled to perfection!
My mom opted for a turkey sandwich on sourdough that was so ginourmous she took half home!
They have plenty of coffee and tea choices and I had an iced pomegranate green tea.
One of the BEST things was the service!! I suspect it’s the owner who took our order and she was beyond sweet and kind. One of the employees overheard my daughter say she wanted apple juice and was already in the cooler asking bottle or juice box. Really helpful. That same employee on her way out after her shift made a nice exit as we got into our car saying goodbye again and wished us a nice weekend. It went a long way.
We will definitely be back. In fact I think I might sneak there alone next time so I can enjoy a coffee and treat on the couch with my book!!

Jolly Bean Cafe  

88 Camelot Dr, # 24
Plymouth, Massachusetts
(508) 747-2326