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New Restaurant Disch’s Route 53 Tavern in Pembroke MA

There is a new restaurant in Pembroke Disch’s Route 53 Tavern  by the management team  of the Fairview Inn in Marhshfield.  It is located at the old location of Bobby Hackett Restaurant.  Here is a bit of the article in the Patriot ledger

.Paul DNew Restaurant Disch's Route 53 Tavern in Pembroke MA isch tried to launch his new restaurant, Disch’s Route 53 Tavern, with a soft opening, but he said it didn’t work.
Since its doors opened a few weeks ago, Disch’s has been packed with diners.
“Social media is very effective in the area,” Disch said.
Booming business isn’t new to Disch, who ran the Fairview Inn in Marshfield with great success for 14 years.
Disch recently closed the popular Brant Rock restaurant after being unable to come to reach a new lease agreement with the building’s owner.

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A few Swampies have attended taken a sneak peak

Just had a great experience at Disch’s in Pembroke on rate 53. Sat at the pizza bar . It was like dinner and a show. Great food,excellent service. I would suggest getting there early. Busy by 5:30. They are now open for lunch. Left a card and they were thrilled.

Lunch today at Disch’s Route 53Tavern. It’s very nicely decorated, and the function room is outstanding, with its own restrooms, fireplace and bar. It would be a great place for a holiday party . The menu is still the same as the Fairview, with the addition of a wood fired pizza oven and a few items from the old Bobby Hackett’s, like the Delmonico potatoes pictured here. The chicken pesto pizza was a special, and I do appreciate well-browned cheese on my onion soup! Nice to see Betty, Stephanie and other friendly familiar faces at the new place!

Here is some of the buzz on The Fairview Inn Brant Rock  Marshfield

Fairview in Marshfield A plus for service and food. Baked haddock with ver blanc sauce that is sheer perfection. Real mashed and julienne veg. They are moving to Pembroke soon. Recommend highly.

Lunch at the Fairview Inn at Brant Rock in Marshfield, before the current management departs in October. We love the view here and had a peaceful meal on the deck despite a bridal shower inside. The bloody Marys are served with a jumbo shrimp and plenty of horseradish for my husband, and a giant green olive for me. The bread is warm and irresistible, provided by French Memories Bakery. I had my usual, the black and blue seared tuna appetizer as my entrée. Fresh and perfectly seared. My husband chose the crab cakes Oscar from the brunch menu, with poached eggs and asparagus. Our server, Matt, was attentive and friendly. You would never have known there was a major event happening on the other side of the wall. There must have been a complaint at the table next to us, I didn’t catch what it was, but the server responded with an apology, a smile and a “please have dessert on me” which speaks to the quality of the servers and the quality of the management for making sure they have the discretion to make decisions like that on the spot. We will continue to enjoy the food and friends when they move to the location of the old Bobby Hacketts, but we will miss this special place. Go while you can!

Spent a wonderful week in Brant Rock, ended it with family and dinner at the Fairview. The service was impeccable along with the food, I had the lobster florentine it was fabulous. We also had one of our guests arrive late our food had already been served, the waitress took his order and put it ahead so he was served his meal very quickly. We didn’t expect her to do that, very thoughtful.

Everything is made in house. The menu includes all of the Fairview Inn items such as; Soups, Appetizers, Salads, Seafood, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas, Entrees, and Desserts. The menu will be American and feature fresh seafood. It also incorporates some of the more popular Bobby Hackett’s menu items into the menu.
Disch’s Tavern will also have a children’s menu and the environment will be child friendly. A private function room The Hackett Room, will seat about 75. The Hackett Room will be available for both lunch and dinner functions.

Open for both lunch and dinner 7 days a week. The food hours of operation will be from 11:30AM to 10PM,
Monday thru Thursday, 11:30AM to 11PM Friday and Saturday, and 11:00AM to 10PM Sunday.
Disch’s Route 53 Tavern 615 Washington St. Pembroke, MA