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New Breakfast Place Mike’s Real Deal Diner Stoughton MA

Mike’s Real Deal Diner is new    casual American-fare restaurant at 1261 Park St    Route 27  just past the Brockton line in Stoughton MA. It serves breakfast all day long    The location has been  home to several former stores, including D’Angelo Sandwich Shops, Mike’s Convenience Farms and Mike’s Donut Shop.

Owner and  Chef Michael Hartery was  formerly a corporate chef with the Boston-based Back Bay Restaurants Group, which operates 35 food service establishments in New England.  Since its mid  May  opening in it has been a Swampie favorite.

Finally tried Mike’s Real Deal Diner!! I had the florentine eggs Benedict. It was awesome! I florentine eggs Benedict at  Mike's Real Deal Diner Stoughton Brocktonwould have preferred a little more of the sauce but next time I’ll just ask for a little extra! The home fries were fantastic! Server was attentive and friendly. I’ll def be going back


Mike’s Real Diner today for lunch..place was popping after 1:00..Sharon, our waitress was friendly and on point with our service..I met some old friends there, who shared a good hint, I’ll pass along…if you want a salad or sandwich, get a half salad and a half sandwich… plenty of food..we got the Cuban sandwich,and a Greek salad..we did a world tour, without leaving Stoughton..lol they were delicious..the salad was chopped, which is my favorite…Michelle, the owner came to chat with us,and we wished her well. She is so thrilled for all the community support, and she said, they are striving to continue on with excellent service, and quality….they hit that nail on the head today.

We went to Mike’s Real Deal Diner. Both my friend and I got the cheese omelette ($5.99) and you can pick from a list of add ins for $.75 each. These are a bit “brown”, I guess you could Breakfast served all day at Mike's Real DealDiner  Brockton Stoughton line say but I like my eggs COOKED! So I kinda like it like this. The home fries, we both asked for them to be well done. My friend didn’t like them, simply because she didn’t care for the seasonings they use. As for me, I did. They use (I’m guessing) a blend of Italian seasonings. You also have a choice if you don’t want home fries you can get Boston baked beans. I love that idea, Percy’s does that too.
You have your choice of toast, I got sour dough, she got a grilled English muffin. They accidentally brought her out toast and quickly caught their mistake. I had only wished my bread was toasted more.
Service was excellent, very friendly and on top of things.
I took a picture of the sign they had. Every day they write a new “Inspiration of the Day”. Thought it was a nice touch.

Went to Mike’s real deal diner in stoughton, again. Lol. Girlfriend got the fish and chips, I got fried chicken and a waffle. For $9 that’s a really good fish and chips plate. Good portion size and nice quality fish and breading.Chicken & Waffles Breakfast at Mike's Real Deal Diner Stoughton Brockton
Now let me tell you about the fried chicken…
Wow. It was really good. To compare I finally had the fried chicken that Kinfolks offers last weekend at the Swamp mob. It is definitely a contender to Kinfolks. It’s not seasoned the same, the breading is just a tinge different, but the overall quality is top notch. Between this and Kinfolks it’s close. I think I like Kinfolks just a little bit better, but I can get this every day of the week. If you want good fried chicken it’s a great choice.
I mentioned offering a dinner plate. Michelle said they’ll plate it anyway you want it. They aim to be flexible with the menu that way.
The waffle was good too, lol.

Just had a delicious meal with my kids. Food was excellent. I had a turkey club, my son had grilled chicken sandwich with fries and my daughter had the chicken broccoli and ziti. We all loved our meals, everything was nice and fresh! Huge portions too.
Everyone there was so friendly. Can’t wait to try breakfast there!!

Our waitress Kayla was super sweet and helpful! Met Michelle (an owner) after our breakfast…just as lovely as Kayla! My husband ALWAYS gets the same thing; 4 eggs, over easy, ham, potatoes and toast! Today he got real crazy and ordered RYE, not white! Taking a ride on the wild side was he!!! I decided to order my standby (western omelette with American cheese, home fries, rye toast and a side of bacon…just to taste it!!!). In addition, we ordered a chicken, broccoli, ziti to go for our daughter. I was very happy…he was moderately happy!! He said his eggs were dynamite! This is what he bases his breakfast experience on…egg flavor!!! He was not happy with his homefries…I LOVED the homefries!!! And let’s face it, he’s skinny, I’m fat! I am a potato whore, he just eats it as a filler!!!! Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest! So, my omelette…delish!! First thing, all the goodies you add to your omelette is mixed into the egg! Then, cheese is placed on the omelette and it’s flipped in half! I was SO happy by this! I was worried because I felt the eggs were a bit brown on the outside. But they were not over cooked and tasted amazing! John said it had to be the flat top! I hope as the flat top gets broken in the eggs won’t be as brown. This was purely a visual thing for me! Ok, back to potatoes! They were diced on the smallish side. They were crispy, they were seasoned nicely! I found nothing wrong! My hubby said he felt like they had an after taste…I, again, found nothing! And I AM the potato expert!!! Rye toast was thick and toasted perfectly and topped with BUTTAHHHHH, not fake stuff! My bacon, super crispy without being well done! Perfect! Very good coffee too!! Daughter LOVED her chic/broccoli/ziti! A bit peppery, but nice garlicky sauce…not Alfredo!!!! I was happy! He was happy! She was happy! We will be back! Michelle…next time I’m getting that pot pie!! Daughter said she’s looking forward to the shepherds pie!!!! Price was $34+\- for two breakfasts and a lunch and two coffees, and two extra sides! Very reasonable! Good luck Mikes Diner!!! Hope you’ll be here for a long time to come!!!!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Closed
Tuesday through Thursday 5:30am to 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday
5:30am to 9:00pm
5:30am to 8:00pm

Mike’s Real Deal Diner
1261 Park Street
Stoughton, MA 02072




Nellie Rose Whitman Lincoln’s Birthday Breakfast Bash Swamp Mob 8

SWAMP MOB  #8  will be Lincoln’s Birthday Breakfast Bash   at New Restaurant Nellie Rose in  Whitman on  Tuesday Morning February 16th at 9:30am Order anything you like from the menu.  Pay your own tab.Nellie Rose Whitman Lincoln Birthday Breakfast Bash Swamp Mob 8
Swampies tip well.
Please RSVP by
Private Message
by February 12th
to our member  Anne-Marie who
graciously set up this event.
What is a Swamp Mob?

.A Swamp mob is a pre arranged dinner that Swampie mob the restaurant kind of like a cash mob. Swampie have been hitting local restaurants to share in good food and conversations. Calories never count at a Swamp Mob and who starts their New year diet before the first Monday of January.

 Here is some of the Buzz on Hockomock Swamp Supper Club facebook group

“Maaaaaan…Not over cooked, not undercooked, if I lived here I would eat here at least three times a week”. Quote from my very picky friend about his omelet from Nellie Rose.
Fantastic breakfast! Irish eggs Benedict, blueberry muffin, Nellies Favorite, corned beef hash, home fries, hash browns…ALL were excellent!
Thanks for showing my mid-west friend how we do breakfast in New England.

So finally made it to Nellie Rose’s. Parking lot was full but plenty of tables. I ordered corn beef hash as I heard how good it was, it was delicious. not too salty at all, perfect! My daughter ordered eggs Benedict with fried potatoes, huge portions, potatoes not greasy at all. Waitress name Jackie was very friendly, helpful, told us about the swamp mob coming. The owner Scott came over and said hi. very nice. Will definitely be going back, loved it!

2 egg Breakfast at Nellie Rose Route 18 in Whitman MA Feeling full!!! Busy morning today! Happened to be riding right by Nellie Rose! I wanted to stop so glad we did! Service good! Enjoyed the little dish of pastries while we waited for breakfast! Breakfast was great I just got the 2 egg?? breakfast the bacon was yummy ! My hubby got the steak and eggs!!! Big portions! Prices are average! Would recommend and we will be back!!!


Went to Nellie Rose this morning. I started with a pistachio muffin.it was good. I got the Phili steak n cheese omelette w peppers and onions. It was huge! Homefries on the side and I could get toast or corn bread. Of course I went with corn bread. Nellierosebreak3My son got the chocolate chip pancakes. They were enormous as he said. My friend got the Rte 18 breakfast sandwich with fried bologna. She said it was good. She also got a special which was a waffle with peanut butter and bananas which she also said was good.. The food was amazing. The service was ok. My food came out after the pancakes and breakfast sandwich. Then the waffle came out after my omelette..they said they ran out of waffle mix and had to make it.

Nellie Rose Restaurant.
557 Bedford Street
Whitman MA 02382

Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA

Nellie Rose is a new breakfast and breakfast and lunch  place that has opened in mid December  up on Route 18 in Whitman where Andy’s seafood has been.

Here is the buzz from the Hockomock Swamp Supper club community-mostly postive and there are some growing pains

Went to Nellie Rose in Whitman for brunch the other day, because who doesn’t want to try Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shore out the new breakfast place in town?  I ordered Nellie’s favorite breakfast. This includes 2 eggs, home fries or hash browns, and toast along with their homemade corned beef hash ($7.99). I am sort of obsessed with good corned beef hash, so I had to try it. I was not disappointed! Amazing, and definitely not from a can! The prices on most menu items are decent, portions are good, and the order came up pretty quick. Service was nice, Heather took great care of me.
After paying the bill, I decided to take a bowl of clam chowder home with me for my hubby, and ordered it to go. It was close to closing time, and they had run out, so they told me it would be a few minutes. I was bummed to find out it wasn’t made in house, but from frozen in a bag. And for the price ($5.99) I got about 6.5oz of soup, which was very disappointing as well.  Overall, a great place to grab breakfast or lunch, but maybe skip the soup

Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shore  Finally tried out Nellie Rose breakfast today on Rt. 18 in Whitman. It deserves the rave reviews it has received. Friendly wait staff, great food and reasonable prices. Ain’t nothing fancy but it sure was satisfying. The pictures don’t do the meal justice. I had to take them quickly ‘cuz my friend saw my camera and said, ” Are you going to Swampie the meal ?”
And a new phrase was born.

My wife and I went out to do our food shopping this morning and wanted to try the newest breakfast spot in Whitman, The Nellie Rose Restaurant. We walked in and immediately felt at home with the decor and friendly staff. We were sat immediately and greeted with a small Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA South Shorebowl of assorted fresh breakfast breads (the pistachio bread is out of this world!). They offer standard breakfast fare (eggs, pancakes, waffles) but everything is homemade and scratch made. We asked our waitress about the house made bagels (yep, that’s a thing here) and she told us to make sure we microwave them because they don’t use preservatives so they are a little hard. What great service! My wife ordered the Eggs Benedict (which is her go to breakfast dish) and I went with the meat lovers omelet (bacon, sausage, ham, linguica and chourico…OH MY). The omelet was packed with meat and cheese and the perfect hearty meal to start my deal. We both ordered our shredded hash browns well done and we were not disappointed at all! My wife loved her Eggs Benedict and we grabbed a pair of Asiago cheese bagels to go for tomorrows breakfast. We will definitely be back and would highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area

My mom and I went to Nellie Rose this morning in Whitman.We were greeted by a friendly staff.  Our waitress was Tiffany. She was pleasant and sweet. She brought us a small bowl of donuts/cookies/muffin pieces. I LOVED that idea!! An appetizer for breakfast!!!! There is an impressive case of goodies to go also!  I opted for the cheese omelette with home fries and toast.  Okay, before I continue, I have to say that when I seen the toast, I was overjoyed! Why? Because I go to Reids in Brockton and they have the best toast, east of the Mississippi! I know what you all are thinking: “toast is toast!”  Um. NO!! I can’t explain it but it’s big and soft and toasty!  Okay, so getting to the omelette: I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with it. The reason? It was very dry. Almost overdone, if you will.The home fries had a wonderful texture, BUT the seasonings they use in them ruins them.Nellie Rose New Breakfast Restaurant in Whitman MA

The manager asked how everything was and my mom told her about the home fries and she graciously offered my mom to try the hash brown. mom LOVED it! I didn’t try it but it looked incredible. Perfectly done and not a bit of grease on the plate.  In all fairness, I was feeling ill before I arrived so my taste may have been off. I will try it again though. I usually have a policy that I will not try a place that is newly opened for at least six months but kind of broke that.  The decor and service are wonderful! I’ve enclosed a picture of the chairs that someone else had talked about earlier.

 Nellie Rose Restaurant
557 Bedford St, Whitman, MA 02382

Saturday & Sunday  5:30 AM – 1:00 PM  Monday-Friday 5:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Strawberry Fair Restaurant Norwell 40th Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Strawberry Fair restaurant in Norwell for their 40th anniversary in early December.  Olde Fashioned Goodness Served in a Charming New England Farmhouse . It is quite  feat to be in business that long especially the restaurant biz. The Patriot Ledger did recently feature on them. Strawberry Fair Restaurant Norwell 40th Year Anniversary

Strawberry Fair, a comfort-food restaurant on Pond Street, turns 40 years old next week. Over the past four decades, it has become well known for its traditional fare, friendly staff and welcoming ambiance.
The not-so secret ingredient to its success? Family.
“We are a family here,” owner Pat McKinley said. “We’ve all become friends, and we all do care about each other and are very supportive of one another.”
She’s talking about her staff, which she calls the “berries.”
“The décor is pretty much the same, the menu is pretty much the same, it still looks pretty much the same, but now we have three generations of family in here,” said Dottie Perrotti, who has worked at Strawberry Fair for 38 years. That makes her the longest-serving employee.

Here is the buzz from the Hockomock Swamp Supper club community-

I had lunch with two retired teacher friends at this former farmhouse that opened as family run restaurant 40 years ago.  It’s a nice place, with a cozy feel, for breakfast/brunch/lunch and offers a variety of options and vegetarian choices as well. (They are opened Friday and Saturday till 8 with dinner entrees. )  I ordered a half sandwich and soup: turkey sandwich on a choice of breads–the marbled rye was soft and fresh. The thick slices of turkey were very moist, They roast their turkey on the premises and it makes a difference!
The seafood bisque, a creamy tomato base with chunks of white fish, crab and cheese, was fresh and creamy, but lacked the richness I expected. It was served lukewarm. Debated asking for it to be popped in the micro, but I didn’t.  Lunch was $10.00. Menu prices seemed reasonable to me.Definitely a much loved place by many. The parking lot was jam packed at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday and people were waiting to be seated. They have outside seating too.

Another day, another lunch, this time with high school friends (yes, we probably lunched together 55 years ago at QHS) at Strawberry Fair, norwell. Such a quaint setting with a menu to match. Surely, different choices with brunch items served every day and a wonderful extended menu, many based on its New England roots. And the food was decidedly better than a year ago when I wondered if quality had slipped a bit. Not so, it was right up there, the Strawberry Fair I’ve known for years. Sorry, we all skipped shortcake but 3 of us had the soup and 1/2 sandwich, my favorite, and the other diner had one of the quiches that are offered daily

SUNDAY brunch 8am – 2pm
MONDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
TUESDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
WEDNESDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
THURSDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
FRIDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm lunch 2:30pm – 4pm dinner 4pm – 8pm
SATURDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm lunch 2:30pm – 4pm dinner 4pm – 8pm

14 Pond Street Norwell, MA 02061 · (781) 878-7878

Cream Etc New Farm to Table Restaurant in Abington MA

Cream Ice cream has been a staple on Route 18 in Abington  for several years, they have recently branched out in full service farm to table  restaurant which past local breakfast Patty’s Joe Cafe was.   They were recently featured in the Boston Globe.

12189900_486794451501074_833092292294878635_nCheck out the latest restaurant deals South of Boston 

Cream Etc co-owners husband and wife Craig Perry and Lenora Cushing describe their food as farm-to-table and, indeed, every dish could start a conversation about how its ingredients were sourced. Last year, when the couple decided to open a breakfast-and-lunch place adjacent to their ice-cream shop, Cream, they knew they didn’t want to do it unless they could buy their ingredients locally. Since opening in August, they’ve learned a lot about regional farmers and food purveyors.

“Doing this, you start to really appreciate what you’re buying and selling and what farmers do to produce their foods,” said Perry. Cushing, a home cook, created the menu with chefs Phillip Caramello and Chris Monteiro, then began the search for local provisions.
Free-range chicken, eggs, and grass-fed beef come from Feather Brook Farm in Raynham. Produce, from several places, including Norwell Farms, Lipinski’s Farm in Hanson, Norton’s Second Nature Farm, and Stillman’s Farm in Lunenburg. Cheeses and yogurt come from Narragansett Creamery in Providence. A friend delivers maple syrup from Wheeler Farm, in Wilmington, Vt., lowering the cost of this pricey commodity a bit. Their coffee comes from Hingham’s Redeye Roasters, their milk from Hingham’s Hornstra Farms. And on and on it goes.

Here is some of the buzz on Cream on the Hockomock Swamp Supper club and if you give let them know about Hockomock Swamp Supper Club!


Cream, etc
Had breakfast yesterday at a wonderful little breakfast/lunch place on Route 18 in Abington by the Abington Ale House called Cream, etc. I had the skinny egg white omelette with sautéed vegetables and goat cheese. It was absolutely delicious! Came with both regular and sweet potato home fries. My choice of toast was the cranberry and nut bread. So yummy! The coffee (Redeye Roaster) was the best coffee I’ve ever had. My nephew had the eggs, applewood smoked bacon, home fries and toast which was perfectly prepared. His only suggestion was that there should be a 3-egg special on the menu as well as a 2-egg special. Their kids’ menu includes a glass of Hornstra Farms milk with a scoop of ice-cream (with parents’ permission, of course)! What I also loved about this place was that everything was SO fresh and SO clean and they supported New England farms and vendors. The owners were a husband and wife team who were very pleasant and our server was excellent and knowledgeable. If you haven’t heard of it, it is because they’ve only been open for 3 months. Hopefully, this review will entice you to give them a try. I will definitely go back there!

If you haven’t been to Cream etc. in Abington for breakfast, you’re missing out!! Fresh, local farm to table food at reasonable prices! Muffins made fresh each morning. So good! 12311117_10207968731758673_7955501611396098676_n
My husband got the breakfast burger…too much for me for breakfast, but it looked amazing…grass fed beef topped with bacon and a sunny side up egg!


1209 Bedford St.
Abington, MA
Tuesday — Saturday
7am — 3pm
8am — 3pm

Jolly Bean Cafe in Plymouth MA 1st year anniversary

Congratulations to Jolly Bean Cafe in Plymouth for their 1 year annivesary!   This cafe has become a go to place for Swampies for breakfast and lunch in the Plymouth area for a quick bite to eat.  Come in for coffee, lattes, muffins, sandwiches and soup!

Here is the buzz

Had breakfast at the Jolly Bean Cafe on Camelot Drive, Plymouth. For me, only a bagel and cream cheese with coffee (very good for a very occasional coffee drinker). It was a last minute and welcome chance to catch up with (granddaughter) Olivia who had bacon and egg on a spinach bagel. A really nice place with some interesting and healthy choices, including some good soups and sandwiches. Definitely a return visit is in order.

My mother and I had lunch at jolly bean cafein plymouth it’s on Camelot drive. A real hidden jem! I had a roast beef sandwich that was on the best ciabatta bread i’ve ever had! she had a meatball sub that was very good. We split a rocky road brownie that was excellent! The decor is cute the place is very clean and the two girls working there I think are the owners and are genuinely kind and interactive with customers. Try it you won’t be disappointed


The Jolly Bean Cafe on Camelot Drive in Plymouth is a little hidden treasure! I went today after reading a review (of length…gasp!) and it had me wanting to try it.
I was with my mom and my 5 year old. First it was so clean and adorable in there! A nice long counter with chairs face outside with tables along the other side. In the back is an Adorable nook with a leather couch and table. Perfect for coffee and a paper with a muffin!
We opted for lunch but they do offer breakfast even during lunch hours.
I had the turkey chili with black beans. It was super delicious and full of beans and great tasting ground turkey.
My daughter had the grilled cheese which was gooey in the middle and grilled to perfection!
My mom opted for a turkey sandwich on sourdough that was so ginourmous she took half home!
They have plenty of coffee and tea choices and I had an iced pomegranate green tea.
One of the BEST things was the service!! I suspect it’s the owner who took our order and she was beyond sweet and kind. One of the employees overheard my daughter say she wanted apple juice and was already in the cooler asking bottle or juice box. Really helpful. That same employee on her way out after her shift made a nice exit as we got into our car saying goodbye again and wished us a nice weekend. It went a long way.
We will definitely be back. In fact I think I might sneak there alone next time so I can enjoy a coffee and treat on the couch with my book!!

Jolly Bean Cafe  

88 Camelot Dr, # 24
Plymouth, Massachusetts
(508) 747-2326

Breakfast lovers dig into favorite spots in Weymouth & Brockton

Two local  diners got some positive press  about their breakfast & location  in the Boston Globe Uncle Charlie’s Finer Diner in Weymouth  and JJ Cafe in Brockton Breakfast lovers dig into favorite spots in Weymouth & Brockton

Here is a snippit from the article 

In Brockton, breakfast is a booming business  at JJ’s Cafe on Main Street, where the sun streams in through the windows of the former pizza place, still crispy-new spotless after almost three years.

Even though owner and chef JJ Fernandes, a Cape Verde native, once cooked for US presidents and other dignitaries at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, he tired of his 30-plus years commuting into Boston.

Now customers travel to him.

“We drove from Boston to come here,” said Pedro Fernandes (no relation) of Dorchester, sharing a table with three female friends. They learned about JJ’s by word of mouth.

“It’s about 25 minutes,” Pedro Fernandes said, “but it’s worth the drive.”

There’s plenty of the regular stuff, like two eggs, two pancakes or French toast, home fries, and sausage or ham ($8). But remnants of creme brûlée French toast lay on a plate shared by Gomes and Jessica Araujo of Dorchester.

“This is just an appetizer,” Araujo said, while the table waited for their “real” orders.

Generations of breakfast lovers are raised on Uncle Charlie’s Finer Diner in Weymouth, open since 1987.

“We’ve been coming here for, like, years,” said Diane Higgins of Rockland, who was there with her daughter, Emily, home for the day from Regis College.

Before coming home, Emily told her mother she wanted a veggie omelet ($9) from Uncle Charlie’s.

“I mean, look how much you get,” Diane said. “The omelets are fabulous.”

“It’ll all be gone, too,” Emily added.

Here is some buzz on Uncle Charlie’s from the Swampies

Have enjoyed Uncle Charlie’s for breakfast for over 25 years. Always great coffee food and service. Everyone is friendly

I just went there for the first time a few months ago… I was back within a few weeks! Their food is great and their waitstaff is extremely knowledgable on the entire menu. I hope to be going back soon!!

And on JJ’s Cafe in Brockton

Jjs Cafè. ..hands down…if I could move in I would…

This morning we decided to check out JJ’s Cafe in Brockton. We were immediately seated by Shane. He took our drink order -coffee for my friend and tea for me. We were pleasantly surprised at how cheery the restaurant was and that there were cloth napkins and a little vase of flowers on the table. Tables were so clean they shined. Another waitress came over with a box of assorted teas for me to choose from. I choose the green tea ( by default as I forgot my glasses and couldn’t read the labels). Coffee and tea was immediately served. Coffee was fresh and piping hot. Shane promptly returned to take our order. Farmer’s omelet for my breakfast companion. The omlet had American cheese,spinach, peppers, onions and tomatoes. It was served with Awesome home fries, peppers and onions and a grilled English muffin. I opted for the cheese omlet, with home fries, peppers and onions and a grilled English mufflin. The food was fresh and delicious. Might I add piping hot. Two different waitresses kept checking in to see if we needed more coffee or tea. Shane was so upbeat and friendly. I told him I was a member of the Hockomock Diners Club. We chatted a bit more. Soon after Shane delivered a complimentary piece of Creme brûlée French toast. It was fabulous!!!
The chef and owner stopped by to see how everything was. I told him I was going to immediately share how wonderful his place was with all of the Hockomock peeps. It seems he was a chef in Boston for many year’s and decided to open his own place. You can definitely tell. Service was spot on and food was delicious. Did I mention that it was piping hot? I will definitely be returning to this hidden gem. Next time I will be ordering that lovely creme brûlée French toast. I almost forgot -they make and sell their own hot sauce!