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Swampland Server Survey

Swampland Server Survey
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Your Name:

Your Place of Employment:
Very popular, much written about local restaurant

Your Position:
Years of Service:
almost 2 years here but have been bartending and waitressing for 20 years

Do you like your job?
Yes, most days I love what I do. However, as with any job,
there are days I want to pull my hair out.

Do you feel supported by your employer?
Yes, sometimes.

Are your duties written in a handbook?
I’m not really sure, I believe there is a book of some sort.

Do you personally like the cuisine served at your place  of employment?
Yes I do. However, working 3 or 4 nights a week I do get sick of  it and need a break for a while.

Do you have a good rapport with the Chef?
Hahaha! Depends on the day, how busy it is, how hot it is outside, etc. But for the most part yes.

Would you question a plate put up by the Chef
if you believed it wasn’t prepared the way the customer requested?   Absolutely!   If I wouldn’t eat it I wouldn’t serve it!

Are you ever personally grossed out by  any of the food that you serve?
Some of the seafood grosses me out but that’s  because I don’t eat seafood AT ALL!

Have you ever given into temptation and secretly eat off a plate?
I would be lying if I said no.  Maybe a French Fry here and there

Are you encouraged to upsell?
Yes but I base it on the customer(s).  You can usually tell if they are willing to try something different

Do you ever / usually have to fake a cheery persona  when you really don’t feel cheery?
Having the ability to put on a happy face and fake a cheery persona is a must for this line of work. I love working with the public, and for the most part the public is nice, but there are those few patrons that believe  they are above you and treat you as their servant or they are just unhappy and take it out on you. But you have to suck it up and still give 110%

Do you use sex appeal in hopes of a bigger tip?
Honestly, it depends on the establishment you are working at. Have I in the past? Yes because it works!  Do I now? No, not the right place for it and I’d rather be tipped because I am good at my job.

How do you handle removing finished plates?

I do not remove a dish without asking if the customer would like it removed. Many people want the plates gone right away but others want everyone else to finish first. It’s easier to just ask then risk getting stabbed with a fork

How do you handle the check?

When a customer pays with cash I always say “I will be right back with your change”. That way they can say if it’s all set or if they need change. I HATE when a server says “do you need change?” Or “is this all set?” It’s as bad as when the girls at Dunkin Donuts assume you don’t want your change back and just keep it.

How do you handle leftovers?

I always offer to take it and wrap it in thekitchen. Usually if a customer wants to wrap it themselves they will say so. If I am waiting on a large party and there is an empty table near-by I will bring out several boxes and wrap them there.

Do you think on average that customers tip well or not?
This is a tough one because I think everyone has a  different idea on what “tipping well” is. For me, anything under 20% is not a good tip and is insulting to me as a server/bartender. It makes me feel as though I didn’t do my job well. We work extremely hard for our money and unless
the service is terrible a 20% tip should be the norm.

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