New Breakfast Place Mike’s Real Deal Diner Stoughton MA

Mike’s Real Deal Diner is new    casual American-fare restaurant at 1261 Park St    Route 27  just past the Brockton line in Stoughton MA. It serves breakfast all day long    The location has been  home to several former stores, including D’Angelo Sandwich Shops, Mike’s Convenience Farms and Mike’s Donut Shop.

Owner and  Chef Michael Hartery was  formerly a corporate chef with the Boston-based Back Bay Restaurants Group, which operates 35 food service establishments in New England.  Since its mid  May  opening in it has been a Swampie favorite.

Finally tried Mike’s Real Deal Diner!! I had the florentine eggs Benedict. It was awesome! I florentine eggs Benedict at  Mike's Real Deal Diner Stoughton Brocktonwould have preferred a little more of the sauce but next time I’ll just ask for a little extra! The home fries were fantastic! Server was attentive and friendly. I’ll def be going back


Mike’s Real Diner today for was popping after 1:00..Sharon, our waitress was friendly and on point with our service..I met some old friends there, who shared a good hint, I’ll pass along…if you want a salad or sandwich, get a half salad and a half sandwich… plenty of food..we got the Cuban sandwich,and a Greek salad..we did a world tour, without leaving they were delicious..the salad was chopped, which is my favorite…Michelle, the owner came to chat with us,and we wished her well. She is so thrilled for all the community support, and she said, they are striving to continue on with excellent service, and quality….they hit that nail on the head today.

We went to Mike’s Real Deal Diner. Both my friend and I got the cheese omelette ($5.99) and you can pick from a list of add ins for $.75 each. These are a bit “brown”, I guess you could Breakfast served all day at Mike's Real DealDiner  Brockton Stoughton line say but I like my eggs COOKED! So I kinda like it like this. The home fries, we both asked for them to be well done. My friend didn’t like them, simply because she didn’t care for the seasonings they use. As for me, I did. They use (I’m guessing) a blend of Italian seasonings. You also have a choice if you don’t want home fries you can get Boston baked beans. I love that idea, Percy’s does that too.
You have your choice of toast, I got sour dough, she got a grilled English muffin. They accidentally brought her out toast and quickly caught their mistake. I had only wished my bread was toasted more.
Service was excellent, very friendly and on top of things.
I took a picture of the sign they had. Every day they write a new “Inspiration of the Day”. Thought it was a nice touch.

Went to Mike’s real deal diner in stoughton, again. Lol. Girlfriend got the fish and chips, I got fried chicken and a waffle. For $9 that’s a really good fish and chips plate. Good portion size and nice quality fish and breading.Chicken & Waffles Breakfast at Mike's Real Deal Diner Stoughton Brockton
Now let me tell you about the fried chicken…
Wow. It was really good. To compare I finally had the fried chicken that Kinfolks offers last weekend at the Swamp mob. It is definitely a contender to Kinfolks. It’s not seasoned the same, the breading is just a tinge different, but the overall quality is top notch. Between this and Kinfolks it’s close. I think I like Kinfolks just a little bit better, but I can get this every day of the week. If you want good fried chicken it’s a great choice.
I mentioned offering a dinner plate. Michelle said they’ll plate it anyway you want it. They aim to be flexible with the menu that way.
The waffle was good too, lol.

Just had a delicious meal with my kids. Food was excellent. I had a turkey club, my son had grilled chicken sandwich with fries and my daughter had the chicken broccoli and ziti. We all loved our meals, everything was nice and fresh! Huge portions too.
Everyone there was so friendly. Can’t wait to try breakfast there!!

Our waitress Kayla was super sweet and helpful! Met Michelle (an owner) after our breakfast…just as lovely as Kayla! My husband ALWAYS gets the same thing; 4 eggs, over easy, ham, potatoes and toast! Today he got real crazy and ordered RYE, not white! Taking a ride on the wild side was he!!! I decided to order my standby (western omelette with American cheese, home fries, rye toast and a side of bacon…just to taste it!!!). In addition, we ordered a chicken, broccoli, ziti to go for our daughter. I was very happy…he was moderately happy!! He said his eggs were dynamite! This is what he bases his breakfast experience on…egg flavor!!! He was not happy with his homefries…I LOVED the homefries!!! And let’s face it, he’s skinny, I’m fat! I am a potato whore, he just eats it as a filler!!!! Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest! So, my omelette…delish!! First thing, all the goodies you add to your omelette is mixed into the egg! Then, cheese is placed on the omelette and it’s flipped in half! I was SO happy by this! I was worried because I felt the eggs were a bit brown on the outside. But they were not over cooked and tasted amazing! John said it had to be the flat top! I hope as the flat top gets broken in the eggs won’t be as brown. This was purely a visual thing for me! Ok, back to potatoes! They were diced on the smallish side. They were crispy, they were seasoned nicely! I found nothing wrong! My hubby said he felt like they had an after taste…I, again, found nothing! And I AM the potato expert!!! Rye toast was thick and toasted perfectly and topped with BUTTAHHHHH, not fake stuff! My bacon, super crispy without being well done! Perfect! Very good coffee too!! Daughter LOVED her chic/broccoli/ziti! A bit peppery, but nice garlicky sauce…not Alfredo!!!! I was happy! He was happy! She was happy! We will be back! Michelle…next time I’m getting that pot pie!! Daughter said she’s looking forward to the shepherds pie!!!! Price was $34+\- for two breakfasts and a lunch and two coffees, and two extra sides! Very reasonable! Good luck Mikes Diner!!! Hope you’ll be here for a long time to come!!!!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Closed
Tuesday through Thursday 5:30am to 8:00pm
Friday and Saturday
5:30am to 9:00pm
5:30am to 8:00pm

Mike’s Real Deal Diner
1261 Park Street
Stoughton, MA 02072