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Two Providence RI Restaurants to be tip-free

Guest won’t be able to tip their servers  any more at two local  Providence  resturant According to ABC 6 , both Rosmarin at Hotel Providence and Vinya on Westminster Street are going to go tip-free and instead do  a 22% fee.  Married owners Massimilliano and Alethia Mariotta told ABC 6  that they are taking tipping out of their restaurants and instead implementing a 22-percent fee on their meals.


Here is what the  New York Times said last year about going tip Free

Going tip-free makes the experience simpler for all involved. Restaurant owners do not have to worry about the mechanics of dividing tips among the entire staff and settling up at the end of shifts. Servers do not have to worry about being stiffed or being penalized for things that are not their fault, such as poorly cooked food. Cooks, dishwashers, and other support staff will get equitable compensation. Diners do not have to bother with calculating tips or deciding whether the service warranted more or less than a standard tip.

“Everybody, the dishwasher, the prep, the chef, the busser, the server, share this success and everyone should be having a living wage,” says Max Mariotta.

Restaurant workers will make around 12-15 dollars an hour without tips, compared to the state minimum of $3.39 with tips. Mariotta says instead of a tip, they are charging the customer 22 percent fee on their meal.

“This is what most restaurants/hotels put on the bill when you have a party of four or more or six or more. It’s usually between 18-22 percent,” he adds.12694714_1555854048065094_4103785908277889627_o


Here is some Swampie buzz on no tipping when the NY Times article came out last year

If they get paid that much there should never be an automatic gratuity on the bill. If that ever passes, you would see some businesses close and others increase the prices. As a former waitress, leave it the way it is. I tip accordingly. Good service, good tip, bad service, not so good tip.

Tipping for good service will be hard to stop, especially for an “old” bartender like me.
On the other hand, tipping has always been to augment a very low wage, $15 an hour, is in some cases 5 times current wage. $120 a shift is considered good money any day of the week.

It certainly will help in those cases where the customer doesn’t understand what tipping is for, ie, those who subtract for long food waits, crying babies, bad ambience, et

In Europe there is no tipping. It’s part of their wage. Granted, there’s also no free refills but a penny saved is well, a penny.


Restaurant leftovers: box ’em up yourself or have the server do it?

A Recent question was  posed on the Hockomock supper club regarding  doggy bags?

Restaurant leftovers: box 'em up yourself or have the server do it?

Can anyone explain to me why, when at a restaurant, I pay people to cook food for me and to serve it to me but it’s up to me to put it in a box to take home?
I worked in the food service industry for 15 years, in some of the finest places in NYC and with world renowned chefs and never saw this until I came back home to Ma.
I don’t get it and I don’t like it!

So how what do Swampies think of this hot restaurant debate-over 100 comments in a few hours there is plenty of thoughts on this mostly wanting  to box the leftovers themselves.


Keeps your food in your sight… Lots of complaints/concerns about food handling in the kitchen…its newer, but it changed with a lot of food handling regulations, which vary state to state…

I prefer to wrap myself. If the waiter/waitress tries to take my plate I decline. I’d rather be the one to touch my food & decide what is coming home with me.

I have seen some restaurants package it for you, others will bring the containers to you. I have seen the ‘self packaging’ option for years now, though. It isn’t new. When it first happened to me I asked and was told liability. Some people will say they didn’t get their full meal packaged or complain it was bad or something was wrong with it. That was the answer I got.

I’m very specific about how my food is positioned. If something has a topping for example, I don’t like it dumped in upside down. I don’t like sauce from one food running into another. I place everything so that the borders don’t touch each other. Waitstaff don’t care, they just scrape it all in. Ketchup getting in with your mashed potatoes….”oh yum”

I always offer to wrap someone’s food, no matter how busy I am.. I have had a few people tell me it’s against regulations for me to take the food and wrap it as there needs to be a completely dedicated place for wrapping food, and most restaurants do not have one.. If a guest declines and wants a box, I still try to do so at the table, then they can watch me package it right in front of them.. I have seen a lot mod places just bring boxes so they don’t have to deal with any allegations.