Adria Restaurant in East Bridgewater MA

ADRIA, formerly Cameron’s on the Green, is owned by your   Bledar and Mikaela Hoxhalli, of Albanian Heritage.  in East Bridgewater MA has become a Swampie Favorite  They  obtained ownership of the restaurant in May of 2015. The name ADRIA refers to the Adriatic Sea, which kisses the shores of Albania, which borders Greece and shares the sea with Italy.

A family-owned-and-run restaurant with traditional values guarantees you a special occasion all year round. ADRIA has a light, easy-going atmosphere where you can relax with friends and family. A hands-on approach to ownership is built into the philosophy of this premier South Shore restaurant.

Continued success is based on the concept of ensuring outstanding service, offering quality, consistency, and affordability, with our menus and prices designed to appeal to all who desire a memorable dining experience.

We are excited to have as our Executive Chef, Shannon Woodward, who is proud of his years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, from Fine Dining, to Award-Winning banquet facilities. Our Sous Chef, Bime Cruz, was a Master Chef participant in 2013.

Chef Shannon is revamping all new creative classic restaurant and banquet menus. Whether it is a dinner for two or a function of two hundred, Chef Shannon will bring your dining experience to a whole new level. We specialize in Fresh Seafood, Italian Specialties, and Albanian and Greek-influenced cuisine.

Here is the Swampie Buzz on ADRIA

Finally tried Adria in East  Bridgewater last night. We were greeted from across the room by a gentleman who may have been the owner and seated immediately. Decided on the calamari italiano app, penne chicken and bacon alfredo, a stuffed pepper and reese’s pie for dessert. Food was yummy as expected. They could definitely benefit from a beer list (although I got a big laugh after asking what they had for beer and was initially told “coors light and an IPA”)
Dining room wasn’t busy yet our server left the busser to handle all aspects of the experience other than taking our order and dropping the check. Older gentleman checked in more than a few times (a bit too much, in my opinion, by the end of the meal it was 4-5 times) but he stood at least a table away and would lift his voice to make sure we knew it was us he was checking on
All in all a good experience, very obvious they are trying to be a success! Everyone was accommodating and polite yet missed the mark ever so slightly. Again, perhaps just my own personal preference.

My husband and I dined at Adria for the second time tonight.. Once again they didn’t disappoint. Service, food, ambiance.. Nailed it!!
FYI: we have been referred to as “food snobs”.

Well, Adria proved to be everything everyone here is saying!
The East Bridgewater restaurant served a delightful salad of chicken, spinach and pecans with bread and a dipping pesto sooo good my friend and I had seconds. We passed on dessert, opting for coffee and tea to finish our reunion.
Our server was top notch and patient since my dining companion and I had much to catch up on. A gentleman, believed to be the owner, came by a couple of times and described the ingredients in that delicious pesto.
After a bad experience when the new owner first took over, I returned 18 months later to find the former Cameron’s on the Green has become a gem known as Adria. Surely, a good place to enjoy good food.

The food is great, atmosphere is nice and the staff very friendly.
We had the Tuscan chicken, steak Tips, hamburger, and boneless buffalo chicken.
Nice and close to home too!

I posted a review of our first trip to Adria’s in East Bridgewater last Friday and I try not to be repetitive, but since we couldn’t wait to go back we took advantage of my husband having tonight off.
We had a nice conversation with Bledar the owner and were lucky to have Arlete as our server again. We’d go back just for the service, but the food also makes it worthy of a return trip.
Tonight my husband had the chicken parm and I had the moussaka. We also had dessert which we usually don’t, but the chocolate molten cake and apple crisp were excellent. If you haven’t been we highly recommended it.

Went to Adria again for lunch with 2 girlfriends. Today we had the coconut shrimp app. IT WAS DELICIOUS.. 4 Huge shrimp and a really nice sauce to go with it . There were 3 of us and 4 shrimp , I’ll never tell who got the extra one …. On to the lobster special ($ 9.99) for a lobster , no sides. THey got cole slaw and I got butternut squash. Everything was delicious. Today we didn’t get desert .
Next time I go I am going to get the fried shrimp app and a nice bowl of clam chowder. Our server was TJ ? She was lovely and very sweet. This place is so well run …. I enjoy going ….

For those who have not been as of yet, please try to make it a point to go soon Adria  This was my second visit here with the same 4 awesome folks. Today we decided on a very late lunch. Perfect timing for my tummy and I think everyone else’s. Our food was superb and the VIP treatment given us Swampies by the owner was beyond wonderful!

The food is great, atmosphere is nice and the staff very friendly.
We had the Tuscan chicken, steak Tips, hamburger, and boneless buffalo chicken.
Nice and close to home too!

Adria Restaurant & Banquet Facility

436 Oak Street
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts