2017 Swampies South of Boston Restaurant Honors List Part 2

Here is part 2 of  Rick’s Swampie Honor roll list of  local restaurants!

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Best comfort food
Dave’s Diner  Middleboro

Best comfort food Dave's Diner Middleboro South Shore Boston Restaurant

Best Chinese (old school take out)
Asian Palace  Raynham

Best Chinese (old school take out) Asian Palace Raynham South Shore Boston

Best Asian fusion
Crystal’s Kitchen  West Bridgewater

Best Asian fusion Crystal's Kitchen West Bridgewater Boston South Shore

Best Falafel
Lawedessa  West Bridgewater

Best Falafel Lawedessa West Bridgewater South Shore Boston

Best Eggplant
Crispi’s   Restaurant Bridgewater

 Best Eggplant Crispi's Restaurant Bridgewater South Shore Boston Italian