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Restaurant leftovers: box ’em up yourself or have the server do it?

A Recent question was  posed on the Hockomock supper club regarding  doggy bags?

Restaurant leftovers: box 'em up yourself or have the server do it?

Can anyone explain to me why, when at a restaurant, I pay people to cook food for me and to serve it to me but it’s up to me to put it in a box to take home?
I worked in the food service industry for 15 years, in some of the finest places in NYC and with world renowned chefs and never saw this until I came back home to Ma.
I don’t get it and I don’t like it!

So how what do Swampies think of this hot restaurant debate-over 100 comments in a few hours there is plenty of thoughts on this mostly wanting  to box the leftovers themselves.


Keeps your food in your sight… Lots of complaints/concerns about food handling in the kitchen…its newer, but it changed with a lot of food handling regulations, which vary state to state…

I prefer to wrap myself. If the waiter/waitress tries to take my plate I decline. I’d rather be the one to touch my food & decide what is coming home with me.

I have seen some restaurants package it for you, others will bring the containers to you. I have seen the ‘self packaging’ option for years now, though. It isn’t new. When it first happened to me I asked and was told liability. Some people will say they didn’t get their full meal packaged or complain it was bad or something was wrong with it. That was the answer I got.

I’m very specific about how my food is positioned. If something has a topping for example, I don’t like it dumped in upside down. I don’t like sauce from one food running into another. I place everything so that the borders don’t touch each other. Waitstaff don’t care, they just scrape it all in. Ketchup getting in with your mashed potatoes….”oh yum”

I always offer to wrap someone’s food, no matter how busy I am.. I have had a few people tell me it’s against regulations for me to take the food and wrap it as there needs to be a completely dedicated place for wrapping food, and most restaurants do not have one.. If a guest declines and wants a box, I still try to do so at the table, then they can watch me package it right in front of them.. I have seen a lot mod places just bring boxes so they don’t have to deal with any allegations.



New Years Day Brunch Restaurants 2016 South of Boston

New Year’s Day Brunch (aka “Hangover Brunch”) Where can you go for a New Year’s Day brunch on the South Shore on Friday January 1st 2016
New Years Day Brunch Restaurants 2016 South of Boston

What South of Boston restaurants serve New Year’s Day brunch?

New Years Day Brunch at Tavern on the Wharf Plymouth

The fun has been had, the New Year is here, start the day off right with family and friends here with us! Join us for a delicious Brunch on New Years Day! Mimosa’s on hand, specials to delight and our smiling faces and beautiful view to start the year off right!


New Years Eve Recovery Brunch at Tinker’s Son  Norwell

Grab a New Years Day brunch starting at 10:30am

New Years Day brunch at Monponsett  Inn Halifax

Our fabulous brunch will be available New Years Day 10am-3pm Reservations for larger parties recommended. $14.95 adults, $9.95 kids

Mirbeau Inn in new years day brunch Pinehills Plymouth

On New Year’s Day, Mirbeau will say ‘bienvenue’ to 2016 with a festive New Year’s Day brunch from 11am – 4pm in The Bistro & Wine Bar. Guests will enjoy an á la carte selection of appetizers, flatbreads, seafood, omelets, burgers, and breakfast classics, as well as live music.

Aquitaine Dedham New Years Eve brunch 

Brunch away any lingering effects of the NYE festivities at Aquitaine. The Dedham spot will be opening its doors with an a la carte brunch menu on January 1st.  10-3pm

Craft Beer Night at Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth MA

Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth  has partnered up with Craft Beer Cellar Plymouth, to bring you a monthly Thirsty Thursday with a different spin! The first one will be held on Thursday January 7th at 7pm.


Craft Beer Cellar wil be on hand to bring you tastes of different, tasty craft beers! We’ll be here to provide the atmosphere, the delicious food and the entertainment along with local musican Ian Richardson.
Tavern on the Wharf
6 Town Whrf, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

Rhode Island Brew Fest Jan 2016 in Pawtucket RI

The fourth annual Rhode Island Brew Fest, a celebration of American craft breweries featuring the best brews the Ocean State has to offer will be held on Saturday January 30th at the Pawtucket Armory    The event will have two, three-hour sampling sessions from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m and 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Each session will feature live music, local vendors and a food court.

Rhode Island Brew Fest Jan 2016 in Pawtucket RI

We proudly support the attending brewers by purchasing all of their product at the festival. Unlike many beer festivals there are no booth fees for brewers, we actually pay them to participate on top of donating a portion of every ticket sold to the Rhode Island Brewers Guild.

The Rhode Island Brew Fest is a 21+ event. No one under the legal age will be admitted, including minors, children, infants and babies. No pets allowed.

One 3-Hour Session  Unlimited Sampling Branded Glass  Tickets at the door are $65

Pawtucket Armory – 172 Exchange St Pawtucket, RI 02860

Swampland Server Survey with CrissAnn

Swampland Server Survey with CrissAnn Swampland Server Survey with CrissAnn

Check out al the Swampland Surveys 
Your Place of Employment:
Dave’s diner Middleboro

Yes you can use my name and work place.
Your Position:
Years of Service:

Do you like your job?
Yes I really enjoy my job!
Do you feel supported by your employer?
Yes very much so
Are your duties written in a handbook?
Do you personally like the cuisine served  at your place of employment?
Absolutely!! Love the food there

Do you have a good rapport with the Chef?
Yes, communication is great with our kitchen staff

Would you question a plate put up by the Chef if you believed
it wasn’t prepared the way the customer requested?    Yes if meal did not come out as the customer requested,  I would ask for said meal to be remade, but that rarely happens
Are you ever personally grossed out by any  of the food that you serve?
Have you ever given into temptation and secretly eat off a plate?
YES lol, but we don’t at our restaurant. The kitchen window is right out  n the dining room so customers can see.

Are you encouraged to upsell?
We are encouraged to ask customers if they would like to start   with an appetizer
Do you ever / usually have to fake a cheery persona  when you really don’t feel cheery?
Not really as I have a pretty upbeat personality, plus I leave my personal life at the door and enjoy my job  and the people I work with.
Do you use sex appeal in hopes of a bigger tip?
No, I use good service and friendly conversation to get bigger tips
How do you handle removing finished plates?
I ALWAYS ask if they are still working on their meal  before I remove. If plate is pushed to end of table, I will still ask.  My pet peeve are empty plates being left on the table.
How do you handle the check?
“Can I get you anything else tonight?”   and then I tell them there is no rush on my part.  I work in a fast pace environment so most guests   like to leave after they eat if they pay by cash, I ALWAYS say that I will be right back with their change.
How do you handle leftovers?
I ask if they would like to take it home with them I bring a box to the table
generally I have the customer do it as we can not “touch” their food
Do you think on average that customers tip well or not?
Generally speaking I get good tips and feel I give good service
Would you like it if A Swampie requested your table?

Do you want to be part of the Swampland Survey send  email with Swampland Survey

Strawberry Fair Restaurant Norwell 40th Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Strawberry Fair restaurant in Norwell for their 40th anniversary in early December.  Olde Fashioned Goodness Served in a Charming New England Farmhouse . It is quite  feat to be in business that long especially the restaurant biz. The Patriot Ledger did recently feature on them. Strawberry Fair Restaurant Norwell 40th Year Anniversary

Strawberry Fair, a comfort-food restaurant on Pond Street, turns 40 years old next week. Over the past four decades, it has become well known for its traditional fare, friendly staff and welcoming ambiance.
The not-so secret ingredient to its success? Family.
“We are a family here,” owner Pat McKinley said. “We’ve all become friends, and we all do care about each other and are very supportive of one another.”
She’s talking about her staff, which she calls the “berries.”
“The décor is pretty much the same, the menu is pretty much the same, it still looks pretty much the same, but now we have three generations of family in here,” said Dottie Perrotti, who has worked at Strawberry Fair for 38 years. That makes her the longest-serving employee.

Here is the buzz from the Hockomock Swamp Supper club community-

I had lunch with two retired teacher friends at this former farmhouse that opened as family run restaurant 40 years ago.  It’s a nice place, with a cozy feel, for breakfast/brunch/lunch and offers a variety of options and vegetarian choices as well. (They are opened Friday and Saturday till 8 with dinner entrees. )  I ordered a half sandwich and soup: turkey sandwich on a choice of breads–the marbled rye was soft and fresh. The thick slices of turkey were very moist, They roast their turkey on the premises and it makes a difference!
The seafood bisque, a creamy tomato base with chunks of white fish, crab and cheese, was fresh and creamy, but lacked the richness I expected. It was served lukewarm. Debated asking for it to be popped in the micro, but I didn’t.  Lunch was $10.00. Menu prices seemed reasonable to me.Definitely a much loved place by many. The parking lot was jam packed at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday and people were waiting to be seated. They have outside seating too.

Another day, another lunch, this time with high school friends (yes, we probably lunched together 55 years ago at QHS) at Strawberry Fair, norwell. Such a quaint setting with a menu to match. Surely, different choices with brunch items served every day and a wonderful extended menu, many based on its New England roots. And the food was decidedly better than a year ago when I wondered if quality had slipped a bit. Not so, it was right up there, the Strawberry Fair I’ve known for years. Sorry, we all skipped shortcake but 3 of us had the soup and 1/2 sandwich, my favorite, and the other diner had one of the quiches that are offered daily

SUNDAY brunch 8am – 2pm
MONDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
TUESDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
WEDNESDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
THURSDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm
FRIDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm lunch 2:30pm – 4pm dinner 4pm – 8pm
SATURDAY brunch 8am – 2:30pm lunch 2:30pm – 4pm dinner 4pm – 8pm

14 Pond Street Norwell, MA 02061 · (781) 878-7878

Real Food at Lindseys Family Restaurant in East Wareham MA

Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in East Wareham has been around for 67 years.  They also hosted Swamp Mob number 4 back in August so they are pretty well know to the Swampie community.  They were recently featured in the Boston Globe.

Real Food at Lindseys Family Restaurant in East Wareham MA

For 67 years there have been Lindseys in the kitchen at Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in East Wareham. Today Cheryl Lindsey, whose late husband, Paul, was the son of the original owners, carries on the family tradition; she says her daughter, Debbi, is studying hospitality and plans to join the family restaurant in the future.Many employees are part of the extended family, and the average tenure exceeds 15 years, Lindsey said. Chef Arthur Elgar, who is credited with helping to develop the restaurant’s signature seafood bisque, has worked at Lindsey’s for 37 years.
The restaurant’s focus continues to be on “real food,” highlighting what’s seasonal in New England, from Cape scallops to local cranberries, and making most everything from scratch, Lindsey said. “When you see so much about preservatives and medical problems, you realize this kind of food is very special.” Even the children’s menu offers scaled-down versions of adult entrees, “not chicken nuggets,” she said.

Here is some of the buzz on Lindsey Family Restaurant  on the Hockomock Swamp Supper club

As a rule, I avoid restaurants that have “family” in their name – this is often a euphemism for “no liquor license” and “pancakes for dinner”. Today we went to the petri dish that is Water Wizz and needed some vittles after. Originally I wanted to go to Ella’s – but the kids outnumbered the adults 6-4, so we had to dial it back. I went to search for a place around there and saw that the next Swamp Mob was at Lindsey’s so I took a look at the menu and read a few reviews. I was still a bit sceptical, but then I really thought about it; if we can reopen our embassy in Cuba, then I can at least try to eat at a family restaurant.
The review: First off all, they should rename it from “Lindsey’s Family Restaurant” to “Lindsey’s Pissa Restaurant” to avoid confusion. The food was excellent & everyone was pleased. When was the last time 4 adults and 6 kids were all content? I can’t remember. The bisque really is that good. $6 martini? You can’t buy a bottle of water at Fenway for $6. All four lobster rolls were perfect (four of us ordered them – I didn’t eat four (this time)).
Maybe this is just all the biological agents that I swallowed going down the Pirate’s Plunge talkin’ – or that $6 martini, but I’m smitten.

On Monday night we went to Lindsey’s restaurant in Wareham. We have been wanting to try it Lindseyfoodfor a long time. The reason we went on Monday night is because they have Bingo at the bar . Why not eat yummy food while playing a game; twice the fun! Of course we started with the Lindsey’s World famous seafood bisque. The best we have ever tasted! With scallops shrimp and lobster chunks, and a sherry wine flavor, it was absolutely delicious. My husband ordered a Cape Cod Reuben with broiled cod, and I had the traditional lobster roll. We ordered green beans and pickled beets for a side, which we shared, instead of having french fries, trying to be good.

Even  Head Swampie Rick has been here-Worth the trip!

We met my parents ,   my sister Leslie and my niece Brianna  for an early Sunday Dinner at Lindsey’s in Wareham. Since Wareham is a good half way point  between Raynham and Yarmouthport  a perfect spot to meet.   Perfect in more ways than one. Tomorrow June 1st
is my parents 57th Wedding Anniversary.  I started with their famous Seafood Bisque.
Absolutely unfrickingbelievable. Full, I mean chock full of the good stuff.  Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops  in a Bisque that is fluffy and velvety.   Worth the trip in itself!  I then had 2 appetizers for my dinner.  The Crab Cake served with the Seafood Bisque.  Delectable. Lindseyfood2
Crabmeat in the form of a pillow,   Worth the trip in itself!
Also,  Clamcakes.  Real Clamcakes.   Great balls from the fryer!The standard which all Clamcakes aspire.   Worth a trip in itself!
Joe and my father had London Broil.  It looked beautiful.  Served with old Jews, I mean Au Jus.
My parents were the old Jews.   Worth a trip in itself!
My mother and sister each had the Lobster Casserole. They swear there was all parts
of a whole lobster in each casserole.  Plenty of Buttery Ritz Cracker Stuffing.  Worth a trip in itself!

My niece had a Vegetable Stir Fry   with Chicken served over Rice.  It looked gorgeous.
She ate a quarter of it which was a lot for her.   Worth a trip in itself!
Our young server Alex handled us deftly.  She really was excellent.   Rolls and drink refills before we asked.   It isn’t often the Pessins are complaint free which is the best review you can get.

Specials and Events

Monday nights they bingo at 6pm in the bar and high top tables!!

SUNSET SPECIALS Proudly Served Monday through Thursday 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Must be seated by 5:00 p.m.)  Three Course Meal for $14.99

Join us EVERY THURSDAY from now until St. Patricks Day, Thursday, March 17th.. we are bringing you Corned Beef & Cabbage! All day. Prefectly prepared, red bliss potaots, baby carrots, perfectly seasoned corned beef.. for you!

MONDAY : 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
TUESDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
WEDNESDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
THURSDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
FRIDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
SATURDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
SUNDAY: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

3138 Cranberry Highway, Rt 6 & 28, East Wareham, MA 02538

Swampland Server Survey with Jessica

Swampland Server Survey Series with Jessica

Check out al the Swampland Surveys 
Your Place of Employment:
Nosh Tavern Plymouth

Formerly at Chili’s
You can use my name and place of employment
Your Position:
Years of Service:
Do you like your job?
I love my job, and I will probably always work in the restaurant one day a week
even though I run my own business from home, because I enjoy talking to people
and serving them food.
Do you feel supported by your employer?
Yes, my employer is very supportive.
Are your duties written in a handbook?
We do have a written handbook, with expectations, and side-work.
Do you personally like the cuisine served at your place of employment?
I LOVE the cuisine. It’s all delicious and I tell diners that I am not usually helpful
in what to decide if they’re not sure because it is all good.
I would eat anything that the kitchen puts out from Nosh!
Do you have a good rapport with the Chef?
Yes, I’m one of the longest employees there, so it’s important
to keep up a good rapport with the kitchen!
Would you question a plate put up by the Chef   if you believed it wasn’t prepared the way the customer requested?
Yes, I do all the time, and if there are a lot of modifications,
sometimes I don’t even have to ask, the kitchen will double check/confirm
verbally when they put the food in the window for me.
Are you ever personally grossed out by any of the food that you serve?
Not from Nosh!!! It’s all fresh and delicious.
I worked at Chili’s before and even though I do LIKE most of their food (for a chain),
I know it was all frozen and sometimes that grossed me out to think about!!!
Have you ever given into temptation and secretly eat off a plate?
Yuck! No way!
Are you encouraged to upsell?
We are not encouraged to up-sell in the sense that I used to have to at the corporate restaurant.  We have options for an additional charge that we offer, for example, the sandwiches are a-la-carte,   so I ask if they’d like to add fries.
In that sense, I offer them because most people don’t notice that it explains that on the menu!
I also always ask about dessert or coffee, not for the sake of the up-sell,   but because who doesn’t want dessert?!
Do you ever / usually have to fake a cheery persona when you really don’t feel cheery?
i thoroughly enjoy this question because it’s something that I do, in fact do,
but not because I’m told to. Let me explain… I, like most servers/bartenders, am a human.
And we all have bad days here and there …
I will fake a cheery persona BUT ONLY BECAUSE I ACTUALLY END UP CHEERY ultimately!
I enjoy my job, so even if I have to really push for the smile on a tough day,
I end up genuinely smiling really quickly into the shift.
Do you use sex appeal in hopes of a bigger tip?
No, the last thing I’d want to do is give someone the wrong impression –  especially working behind a bar, when you can hear all kinds of crazy things.
How do you handle removing finished plates?
I ALWAYS ask if they’re done before touching someones plate, especially because sometimes
people feel uncomfortable with no plate in front of them while the rest of the party is still eating.
I do try to clear the plates when they are empty, though, because generally people want to relax
without dirty dishes in front of them when they’re done and chatting at the table.
How do you handle the check?
I typically drop a check at the table after I ask if they want dessert/coffee/or anything else.
Then when I drop the check off I remind them that if they change their mind it’s no problem
and that there is no rush.   I DO NOT mind if people sit at a table of mine, and sometimes it’s actually nice
if you’re really busy to have a table that’s finished sitting for an extra few minutes to catch up!
If there is a credit card present, I typically just say that I’ll be right back,
and if I don’t see a card, or if I see cash I say “I’ll be right back with some change” —
that way they have the option to tell me it’s all set, or if I didn’t hear them,
then I can just bring the change to the table and let them decide from there.
I always assume they want change even if it’s pennies.
You never know, and it’s their prerogative.
How do you handle leftovers?
This depends on what is happening at the table for me.
When I worked at Chili’s we were not allowed to box food in the kitchen due to some sort of food regulation
— we didn’t have a place for it and having half eaten food near the window with the new food was not okay…. That being said, our server station at Nosh is a separate table from the food window, and sometimes
I do bring the food back there to box it up and bring the check.
If people ask for boxes, I bring boxes for them to the table.
If there are kids or not a lot of room for them to maneuver,
I will box them at the table.
If they grab their plate in that case and start boxing, then I let them. smile emoticon
I don’t mind putting my own leftovers in a box at a restaurant, so I figure their like me!
Do you think on average that customers tip well or not?
On average I think customers tip well, yes.   And like I said, it’s their choice to tip or not.
I try and go above and beyond with service and that gives  me the satisfaction that I am doing a good job. If someone commends me for a job well done and doesn’t tip well,   even though it doesn’t pay the bills, I am still proud of what I do   and I don’t serve them any less if I wait on them again.
Would you like it if A Swampie requested your table?
Of course! That’s how I got into this group   and I’d love to have people come in and introduce themselves!

Do you want to be part of the Swampland Survey send  email with Swampland Survey

Cream Etc New Farm to Table Restaurant in Abington MA

Cream Ice cream has been a staple on Route 18 in Abington  for several years, they have recently branched out in full service farm to table  restaurant which past local breakfast Patty’s Joe Cafe was.   They were recently featured in the Boston Globe.

12189900_486794451501074_833092292294878635_nCheck out the latest restaurant deals South of Boston 

Cream Etc co-owners husband and wife Craig Perry and Lenora Cushing describe their food as farm-to-table and, indeed, every dish could start a conversation about how its ingredients were sourced. Last year, when the couple decided to open a breakfast-and-lunch place adjacent to their ice-cream shop, Cream, they knew they didn’t want to do it unless they could buy their ingredients locally. Since opening in August, they’ve learned a lot about regional farmers and food purveyors.

“Doing this, you start to really appreciate what you’re buying and selling and what farmers do to produce their foods,” said Perry. Cushing, a home cook, created the menu with chefs Phillip Caramello and Chris Monteiro, then began the search for local provisions.
Free-range chicken, eggs, and grass-fed beef come from Feather Brook Farm in Raynham. Produce, from several places, including Norwell Farms, Lipinski’s Farm in Hanson, Norton’s Second Nature Farm, and Stillman’s Farm in Lunenburg. Cheeses and yogurt come from Narragansett Creamery in Providence. A friend delivers maple syrup from Wheeler Farm, in Wilmington, Vt., lowering the cost of this pricey commodity a bit. Their coffee comes from Hingham’s Redeye Roasters, their milk from Hingham’s Hornstra Farms. And on and on it goes.

Here is some of the buzz on Cream on the Hockomock Swamp Supper club and if you give let them know about Hockomock Swamp Supper Club!


Cream, etc
Had breakfast yesterday at a wonderful little breakfast/lunch place on Route 18 in Abington by the Abington Ale House called Cream, etc. I had the skinny egg white omelette with sautéed vegetables and goat cheese. It was absolutely delicious! Came with both regular and sweet potato home fries. My choice of toast was the cranberry and nut bread. So yummy! The coffee (Redeye Roaster) was the best coffee I’ve ever had. My nephew had the eggs, applewood smoked bacon, home fries and toast which was perfectly prepared. His only suggestion was that there should be a 3-egg special on the menu as well as a 2-egg special. Their kids’ menu includes a glass of Hornstra Farms milk with a scoop of ice-cream (with parents’ permission, of course)! What I also loved about this place was that everything was SO fresh and SO clean and they supported New England farms and vendors. The owners were a husband and wife team who were very pleasant and our server was excellent and knowledgeable. If you haven’t heard of it, it is because they’ve only been open for 3 months. Hopefully, this review will entice you to give them a try. I will definitely go back there!

If you haven’t been to Cream etc. in Abington for breakfast, you’re missing out!! Fresh, local farm to table food at reasonable prices! Muffins made fresh each morning. So good! 12311117_10207968731758673_7955501611396098676_n
My husband got the breakfast burger…too much for me for breakfast, but it looked amazing…grass fed beef topped with bacon and a sunny side up egg!


1209 Bedford St.
Abington, MA
Tuesday — Saturday
7am — 3pm
8am — 3pm

Casa Cancún in Wareham Swamp Mob 7

SWAMP MOB BUENA SUERTE #7 will be held at Casa Cancún in Wareham on Sunday January 3rd  at 6pm . It will be Swamp Mob Mexican style!!   Casa Cancun opened up this past year in at the Wareham Crossing  shopping area and is the sister restaurant of popular Mexican Restaurant Cancun Kingston.12314624_1023004947758547_392856451426443134_o
What is a Swamp Mob?

.A Swamp mob is a pre arranged dinner that Swampie mob the restaurant kind of like a cash mob.   Swampie have been hitting local restaurants to share in good food and conversations.  Calories never count at a Swamp Mob and who starts their New year diet before the first Monday of January.

RSVP to Sabrina at (not the email in the poster)  A prepaid option will  be available later today,   but RSVP your intention.


Here is some of the Buzz on Hockomock Swamp Supper Club facebook group

Went to Casa Cancun tonight in Wateham! Great food, nice people, wonderful service. We had $9.99 Wednesday fajitas. One with shrimp and one with chicken. Also, a El Presidente Margarita. So good

Went to casa cancun in west wareham. Chips n salsa were ok (I prefer chili’s lol) ordered combo platters with chimichangas…burittos…and something else. Husband wanted fish taco but they couldnt do it bc they make them in sets of 3..he was disappointed but moved on. Daughter got a burger which was sad to look at lol. They charged for sour cream and guacamole without telling us there was a charge. Food was fine. Husband left sweating so I guess his was spicy lol

Tonight we had to run some errands and decided to try “the New Mexican place.” Casa Cancun in Wareham. This after several months of starting off to eat there and changing our minds on the way. I’m bummed we waited. Everything was good and fresh. The hostess and our waitress were equal parts kind and sweet as well as understanding when the littler man decided it was time to go. We both got combo plates. I had a chicken chimichanga and a chili reilleno (sp) and the big guy had a burrito, enchilada, and a chili as well. The food was well seasoned and the retried beans were great. I usually beans and these were excellent. We also had some guacamole to start which was delicious. The complimentary salsa was a bit spicy, but good. The munchkin demanded that the refried beans be his first food which is why we left fairly fast. With a tip dinner was $45 which is amazing considering the boat of guac and the huge portions. We will be back. (Be prepared!)

Located in Wareham Crossing Shopping Center

Casa Cancun Family Mexican Restaurant
Wareham Location
2421 Cranberry Highway
Suite 426
Wareham, MA